What make us special?


Our dedication to learning Makaton

At EAYC Yeladeinu Nursery, we feel deeply that children communicate and express themselves through many different languages. That’s why we celebrate and promote a diversity of languages at our setting, including sign languages such as Makaton. We strive to teach our children a few new Makaton signs each week, and are proud to observe how this positively impacts our children’s confidence and communication. Children and adults can use Makaton to let others know what they want, make choices, share information and understand more.  This helps build and develop important communication and language skills.

Our outdoor areas

As well as following the EYFS guidance regarding outdoor play and physical exercise by making sure our children spend plenty of time outside in the fresh air every day, we also have an extra outdoor space next to the main playground. This is a versatile space that can be re-designed in line with whatever exciting topic we are focusing on. It includes a digging area, complete with buckets, spades, and pots for planting seeds.

We support parents who work long or differing hours


Here at EAYC Yeladeinu Nursery, we recognise that many of our children’s parents or carers have demanding working hours. We help to support our parents by offering the opportunity for their children to stay, learn, and play at the setting from 8.00am until 6.00pm. (The 4-6pm evening session is based on demand.)

We go the extra mile with first aid training 

All of our staff are first aid trained through Barnet or Tigerlily training – these courses are full Pediatric training comprised of online learning and assessments, and a full day of in person training with experienced professionals. We regularly update this training in line with new research or safeguarding standards. 

We share every step of your child’s journey through ‘See-Saw’


Maintaining a healthy level of parental involvement is vital in ensuring an enabling environment for all our children. This wonderful digital application allows us, once we have gained consent from parents, to safely take photos and videos of your children throughout their day, capturing all their meaningful moments. Only the parents have access to their own child’s journal. This safe, secure, and education friendly application assures all our children feel as though their parents are with them every step of the way. Parents can also use this application to send messages to us, like and comment on their child’s photos and share photos with us of things their child may have done at home. 

We have a unique key worker system

Every child at our setting is assigned a key worker, with whom they will take their first steps at our setting. Our key workers are responsible for forming a positive relationship with their key child and their parents, completing progress checks, daily reports and observations. They also work hard to complete what we call a learning journal for their key child. Over time, this beautiful journal becomes a meaningful portfolio of all the child’s learning, artwork, big moments and first achievements. Before the children move on to their next setting, the key workers will work together with parents and the new setting to ensure a smooth transition for each child.