Our Ethos

EAYC Yeladeinu Nursery is an Orthodox Jewish kosher nursery that attracts committed frum families all of whom have a shared commitment to Shabbos, Yom Tov, Kashrus and community involvement together with ongoing learning and religious growth.

EAYC Yeladeinu Nursery follows the Early Years Foundations Stage Curriculum – as well as an Orthodox Jewish Programme.

Our Kodesh Programme

We have a wonderful Kodesh programme led by our deputy manager Suzy Levi.  

Every morning at circle time the children learn their brachos and daven Modeh Ani, Adon Olam, Torah Tziva Lanu Moshe and the Shema. We talk about the wonderful world that Hashem has created for us and what we will enjoy doing that day. We talk about the importance of being kind to our friends and we love sharing our Mitzvah notes.

Every week we teach the children the Parsha, bringing out life lessons from the Torah. We decorate art work and have quiz time based on the Parsha.

Shabbos party is our highlight of the week. It’s such a special time for all the children and the atmosphere is wonderful as we prepare to bring in Shabbos. Each girl and boy have a turn to be Shabbos Mummy and Daddy, lighting the candles and reciting Kiddush and Hamotzi. We sing and dance and talk about what we need to do to get ready for Shabbos.

Throughout the year we learn all about the Jewish Chagim, from blowing the Shofar on Rosh Hashonah, to lighting candles on Chanukah. Each Chag is a special time at nursery and through play we are able to teach the children all the wonderful things we undertake on the Chagim.